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BSOMES was incorporated on 26 April 2000 in Hong Kong as a non-profit-making learned Society. It has made substantial contributions to the building services operation and maintenance profession through

1. Representation in various government departments' consultation such as operational problem in FSI and IAQ Management Guidance Notes;

2. Participation in university and technical institute course advisory boards; and

3. Liaisons with utility companies on Demand Side Management and tariff matters.

BSOMES's members come from a wide spectrum of organizations including airport, bank, convention and exhibition center, facilities management, HKSAR Government, hospital, hotel, property management, property development and territory education.

BSOMES aims to help concerting the effort of the HKSAR Government, related organizations, and building services operation and maintenance profession in matters that are congruent with the Mission of BSOMES and are beneficial to society.