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IFMA Sustainbility Workshop: Smart FM

· Smart City Representative from EMSD · Power up the Smart City Ir Dr Anthony Lo, Acting Director – Corporate Customer Experience, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited Ir Simon Tsui, Corporate Customer Experience Manager – Commercial Accounts, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited · Lifecycle FM: A Sustainable CAFM Platform by Mr. Danny Ho, General Manager – Asia, FSI (FM Solutions) Limited · FM Technology Mr. David Werner, Director, IW Asia Ltd · IoT Monitoring and Performance Driven Control of Indoor Air Quality Mr. Mark Richardson, Managing Consultant, PureLiving · FMA Awards, Environment Stewardship, Utilities and Sustainability Strategic Advisory Group Update Ms Jenny Yeung, Past President, The Hong Kong Chapter of IFMA...

IFMA Industrial Spotlight

Development of Plover Cove New Town The Plover Cove Reservoir has an area of about 1200 hectares. Based on a plot ratio of 2, it is estimated that the reclaimed land can provide 300,000 flats of 650 sq. ft., plus 65 million sq. ft. for non-domestic use. The total land value can be up to $775 billion, assuming average land price at $3,000 per sq. ft. This amount would be sufficient to build all the necessary rails, highways, cross-sea tunnel, as well as site formation works and infrastructure construction. Unexpectedly, this proposal has led to a series of debate on water supply strategy in Hong Kong. Is transformation of the Plover Cove Reservoir fatal to water supply in HK? Speaker will go through the question from different angles in this industrial spotlight....

Training Course on Energy Audit for Building Energy Efficiency (11th Intake)

The main purpose of this course is to provide the participants with the fundamental principles, skills and guidelines needed to carry out effective energy audits in accordance with the Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance. After taking the course, the participants would appreciate the approach to identify energy saving measures and perform quantitative analysis to predict the energy savings, environmental and economic benefits. Moreover, the participants should be able to measure and verify the performance of implemented energy saving measures....


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