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CIWEM HK 30th Anniversary Microfilm Competition

To celebrate CIWEM 30th Anniversary, A CIWEK HK 30th Anniversary Microfilm Competition themed as Water Resource Management in HK is currently accept entrant's submission....

EIHK Training Course on Energy Audit for Building Energy Efficiency

The main purpose of this course is to provide the participants with the fundamental principles, skills and guidelines needed to carry out effective energy audits in accordance with the Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance. After taking the course, the participants would appreciate the approach to identify energy saving measures and perform quantitative analysis to predict the energy savings, environmental and economic benefits. Morevoer, the participants should be able to measure and verify the preformance of implemented energy saving measures....

Joint Comprehensive Certificate Course on Electrical Systems in Smart City 2017

The course is designed to broaden knowledge of engineers in relation to Electrical Systems and is useful for young engineers and practitioners who want to refresh / acquire knowledge in the design, installation and maintenance of these systems. All Guest Speakers, who are experienced / professional engineers from Consultants, Manufacturers, Contractors and Properties / Facilities Managemnet etc., will present you with some practical information and share their precious experience with you....


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