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Eco-innovation in the Transition to A Low Carbon and Resource Efficient Economy

Hong Kong ranks 11th overall on a recent Global Innovation Index covering 141 economies globally. But how is it performing in terms of eco-innovation? A global transition to a low carbon sustainable economy brings considerable business potential to develop new products, design buildings innovatively and creatively, implement new technologies, and develop advanced approaches to manage buildings and logistics. What is the role of Hong Kong SAR Government in supporting and accelerating eco-innovation so that Hong Kong businesses are in the lead? How can the business community work together to grasp these opportunities?...

CIWEM HK INTERNATIONAL FORUM : Managing Metal Contaminants in Water Supply Systems

This International Forum echoes Hong Kong's recent scenario on lead contamination in drinking water. It aims to present a balanced technical view on the complex subject of lead/heavy metals in drinking water, recognising both the rational facts of public health implications and the enormity of the potential costs involved with further actions to be taken, and encouraging solutions that are environmentally sustainable. Experts from both overseas and local renowned institutions will equip audience with proper and pragmatic perspectives about lead/heavy metals in drinking water....


-《淡水冷卻塔計劃》及淡水冷卻塔的規管概覽 - 淡水冷卻塔常見的設計問題與操作及維修的良好作業 - 正確取水供淡水冷卻塔之用 - 使用淡水冷卻塔的成功個案 - 淡水冷卻塔的良好水處理方法 - 全面實施《建築物能源效益條例》的最新狀況及建築物能源效益守則的最新發展...

2016 RICS Awards Hong Kong

As one of Asia's top tier cities, Hong Kong gathers a wealth of talents and leads real estate industry development in the region. The PICS Awards Hong Kong celebrate excellence, professionalism, achievement, and overall contribution to our built environment. The awards are open to everyone working within the property profession....


為使升降機及自動梯負責人進一步了解其在《升降機及自動梯條例》(第618章)下的責任及如何管理升降機及自動梯的維修保養工作,機電工程署聯同建造業議會將於2015年12月10日(星期四)上午9時30分及下午2時15分在禮頓山社區會堂禮堂舉辦兩場「升降機及自動梯的管理及負責人責任」的免費講座 (兩場講座內容相同),內容包括簡介升降機及自動梯負責人的責任及有效的管理方法、如何選擇合適的註冊升降機及自動梯承辦商、優化升降機及建造業議會《升降機槽工程安全指引》。...

Training Course on Energy Audit for Building Energy Efficiency

The main purpose of this course is to provide the participants with the fundamental principles, skills and guidelines needed to carry out effective energy audits in accordance with the Building Energy Efficiency Ordinance. After taking the course, the participants would appreciate the approach to identify energy saving measures and perform quantitative analysis to predict the energy savings, environmental and economic benefits. Moreover, the participants should be able to measure and verify the performance of implemented energy saving measures....


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